Configuring VPN on Mikrotik RouterOS – Part 1 – PureVPN

This is the first of a series of posts inspired by the huge number of hours I’ve recently spent configuring my Mikrotik router to get VPN working. Although there is quite a lot of information on the web, I fell over a few trips that were not documented. I hope this saves you (or worst case future me some time).

After I followed the guides found on the other pages, technically the connection was working, but it was painfully slow and some pages weren’t loading at all. Here I’ll point out what’s important.

Just one more thing – my RouterOS version was […]

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Exploring Me @ Google Fit


Wearables are hot these days. I already got used to wearing my Jawbone wristband 24/7 and after a year of using Pebble I’ll newer go back to my old Casio watch again. In this post I’ll put down a few words about my play with Google’s platform for everyday activities data collected from wearables – Fit

Google Fit is like a huge datastore for readings from sensors, most notable being of course Android based phones. It’s a datastore that is also pretty open 0 any application can read and write data in there. The complete data […]

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Something nice for all SAS & statistics lovers

It’s been quite a while since I last released any of my projects. Today I do it again.

What is it ? An add-in for SAS Enterprise Guide adding support for Proc Lifereg.

For whom?

  • People working with this topic everyday – may make your work a bit easier
  • All SAS Enterprise Guide users – demonstrates what add-ins can do

You can find it here.

Have fun.

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